Warrior Cats Crossword

  1. 2. tortoiseshell she-cat with long fur and amber eyes
  2. 5. black she-cat with a squished face
  3. 8. beige tom with black stripes, green eyes, and a long tail
  4. 10. muscular, brown tabby tom with amber eyes and a scar across the nose
  5. 13. brown tabby tom with ice blue eyes and white markings
  6. 15. a black she-cat with green eyes
  7. 16. muscular white tom with jet black paws
  8. 17. brown tabby tom with amber eyes
  1. 1. blue she-cat with blue eyes and silver on her nose
  2. 3. blind, light blue-gray tom who can walk in other cats' dreams
  3. 4. gray she-cat with green eyes and the power to hear things farther than other cats
  4. 6. flame-colored she-cat with a single white paw, green eyes, and a fluffy tail
  5. 7. flame-colored tom with green eyes
  6. 9. gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes and scars from the dark forest
  7. 11. lean black and white tom with yellow eyes and a long tail
  8. 12. black tom with a single white paw; has a purple color and dog-teeth-reinforced claws
  9. 14. speckled gray tom with blue eyes; also known as the imposter