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Warrior Cats Leaders

  1. 2. Leader who got his name from an ancestor.
  2. 5. Distinctive blue fur color and almost killed by Tigerclaw.
  3. 9. Name coming from their jaw; appointed deputy due to a sign from a Dark Forest cat.
  4. 10. The result of an accidental, forbidden love; sided with Tigerstar.
  5. 12. Evil leader who killed multiple cats.
  6. 13. A well-respected leader who had many medicine cats and many deputies.
  7. 15. Outcast as a leader by their own Clan.
  1. 1. Leader after Firestar; body got possessed.
  2. 3. Ex-friend of Firestar; killed by Darktail.
  3. 4. Leader who was tricked by Sol into disbelieving in StarClan.
  4. 6. The cat who saved the forest.
  5. 7. Manipulated by Tigerstar.
  6. 8. Fell in love with their medicine cat; half-kittypet.
  7. 11. Kit of another leader; blue fur.
  8. 14. Left Clan and then rejoined.