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Warrior Cats Ranks

  1. 2. a cat with nine lives who is in charge and controls the entire Clan
  2. 4. A kitten younger than 6 moons
  3. 5. a mature cat who has completed their warrior training
  4. 9. a she-cat with kits or who is expecting kits
  5. 10. a cat who lives by themselves and does not defend their territory
  6. 11. a cat who heals injuries/illnesses and can commune with StarClan
  1. 1. a cat who is currently training an apprentice
  2. 3. second in command to the Clan leader, helps organize patrols and is next in line for leadership
  3. 4. a domesticated pet cat who lives with twolegs in the twolegplace
  4. 6. at least 6 moons old, training to be a warrior or medicine cat
  5. 7. a usually hostile cat who roams around and does not always follow Clan rules/borders
  6. 8. a cat who has retired due to old age, injury, loss of sight, or sickness, respected in Clan