Warrior Cats

  1. 1. I am Graystripe's mate, after Silverstream died.
  2. 3. I am Firestar's nephew.
  3. 5. I was Silverstream's son. I eventually went to live with the Tribe of the Rushing Waters.
  4. 7. I am Firestar's daughter that became a medicene cat. I also was a spy in the Dark Forest.
  5. 9. I am Bramblecalw's sister. I went to live in ShadowClan.
  6. 11. I was Crookedstar's daughter; I died giving birth to my kits.
  7. 13. I killed Sharptooth, but at the cost of my life.
  8. 15. I am the deputy of ThunderClan because of Graystripe's absence.
  9. 20. I was named this by Bluestar when I was mauled my Tigerstar's half-trained dogs. Later I was renamed my Firestar.
  10. 21. I am the blind medicene cat that can walk in other cat's dreams.
  11. 24. I am Firestar's mate.
  12. 27. I killed Scrouge in the battle against BloodClan, but lost a life in battle with him.
  1. 1. I was Bluestar's daughter that died on the way to RiverClan.
  2. 2. I was Bluestar's son.
  3. 3. I was caught in Tigerstar's trap for Bluestar, so I was never able to become a warrior.
  4. 4. I was not part of the Three, bit originally I thought I was.
  5. 5. I am Firestar's daughter that became a warrior.
  6. 6. I was ShadowClan's leader for a very short period. I was not granted 9 lives, like other leaders.
  7. 8. I was originally loved by Fireheart, before I was murdered.
  8. 10. I am Firestar's best friend
  9. 12. I was the leader of WindClan until I died at the Clan's new home by the lake.
  10. 14. I was a medicene cat, but I had kits. Only one survived, and eventually became ShadowClan's leader.
  11. 16. I forced young kits to fight in battle until I was killed by Yellowfang's deathberries.
  12. 17. I am unbeatable in battle unless I let my self be hurt.
  13. 18. I was Firestar's worst enemy until I lost all 9 lives and was killed by Scrouge.
  14. 19. I was Bluestar's daughter that survived the journey to RiverClan.
  15. 22. I am Tigerstar and Sasha's son.
  16. 23. I gave up my kits to become leader of ThunderClan
  17. 25. I can hear things from miles away.
  18. 26. I am Tigerstar and Sasha's daughter.