Warriors For Anyone who read Warrior Cats

  1. 3. what the cats call a road
  2. 6. tried to give her kittens to some farm cats first but they rejected her
  3. 7. What FireStar was before a warrior Cat
  4. 9. was CrowFeather's father
  5. 10. What they call pet cats
  1. 1. this cat is a monster but mated many she cats
  2. 2. HollyLeaf's brother/sister
  3. 4. this cat murdered AshFur and that is why he/she did not get a life in BrambleClaw's nine lives ceremony
  4. 5. a windclan cat which is SorrelTail's father
  5. 8. The friend of FireStar as a kitty pet
  6. 11. the warrior word for human