1. 1. the light and heat that come from the sun
  2. 6. caused by air pressure
  3. 7. caused from warm air that moves into an area formerly occupied by a cold front
  4. 8. what is the process of turning water into vapor
  5. 9. energy that is transferred by electromagnetic radiation
  6. 13. a body of air defined by its temperature and water vapor content
  7. 18. above average
  8. 20. what is the temperature at or near the surface of an object called
  9. 21. the perceived change in the direction of the currents caused by Earth's rotation
  10. 22. an active cold front takes over a warm front
  11. 23. what is the same thing like a typhoon but occurs in the northern hemisphere
  1. 2. a warm and swift atlantic ocean current that originates in the Gulf of Mexico
  2. 3. cold and dense air moves into an area formerly occupied by a warm front
  3. 4. transfer of thermal energy by liquid or gas
  4. 5. pressure below average
  5. 10. what is the huge shield that protects the Earth from meteors
  6. 11. what is a directed movement of sea water
  7. 12. what is the process of conversion of a vapor or gas or liquid
  8. 14. creates wind
  9. 15. the energy that produces heat
  10. 16. wind that comes with high speed and has no space to move
  11. 17. a map showing the state of weather over a area
  12. 19. the front that is caused when a warm and cold front don’t move