1. 3. a tool used to measure air pressure
  2. 5. a blinding snow storm with winds of at least 35mph temperature are below 20*F
  3. 8. the temperature at which air with a given amount of water vapor that will reach saturation
  4. 10. a low pressure system that starts in the tropics with winds of at least 40mph but less than 74mph
  5. 12. a calm weather system that occurs when air sinks and spreads out towards low pressure
  6. 16. the process by which liquid changes into a gas
  7. 19. a storm with lighting and thunder
  1. 1. the amount of water vapor in the air
  2. 2. the process by which gas changes into a liquid
  3. 4. the force of air molecules pushing on an area
  4. 6. the comparison of the amount of water in the air with the maximum amount at water vapor that can be present at that temperature
  5. 7. a large and stormy weather system that occurs when air moves into a low pressure center then to higher altitudes
  6. 9. the boundary between air masses
  7. 11. a scientist who studies weather
  8. 13. any type of liquid or solid water that falls to earths surface
  9. 14. the horozontial movement of air caused by differences in air pressure
  10. 15. a rapid rise in water levels in a coastal area this occurs when a hurricane pushes a huge mass of ocean water this can sometime leads to flooding and distributions of property
  11. 17. a line on a weather map that connects places with the same air pressure
  12. 18. a large volume of air that has the same temperature and humidity but different locations and the same altitude
  13. 20. a violently rotating column of air stretching from a cloud to the ground