1. 1. Pressure associated with good weather, air sinking, clear skies
  2. 4. n. soft, white pieces of frozen water that fall from the sky, usually in winter or when the air temperature is very cold
  3. 7. An instrument used to measure wind speed.
  4. 9. low blanket of clouds covering the sky; light rain or snow
  5. 11. Stream a high-speed wind current moving from west to east around the earth
  6. 12. Front when a warm air mass and a cold air mass meet and no movement occurs
  7. 13. Pressure Associated with rainy, stormy weather because air rises, which helps to create clouds and precipitation.
  8. 15. huge, towering clouds with thunderstorms
  9. 18. Front boundary formed where a cold air mass overtakes and lifts a warm air mass
  10. 19. Front a front where a warm air mass is caught between two colder air masses and brings cool temperatures and large amounts of rain and snow
  11. 21. Stream Warm ocean current flowing from the Gulf of Mexico north along the coast of the United States and then east to Europe.
  12. 23. ice pellets that form when rain falls through a layer of freezing air
  13. 24. Movement of air
  1. 2. a storm that forms over warm, tropical ocean waters
  2. 3. Vane indicates direction wind is coming from
  3. 5. Front boundary formed where a warm air mass overtakes and rises over a cold air mass
  4. 6. the measure of how hot or cold something is
  5. 8. clouds that look like fluffy, rounded piles of cotton
  6. 10. a powerful funnel-shaped column of spiraling air
  7. 14. pellets of ice, get blown back up into clouds and become larger
  8. 16. the flash of light in the sky when electricity passes between clouds or between a cloud and the ground
  9. 17. an instrument used to measure air pressure
  10. 20. wispy, feathery clouds made of ice crystals that form at high levels
  11. 22. Gauge an instrument for measuring the amount of precipitation