1. 4. I am a loud noise that sometimes scares people
  2. 6. I am white and I fall from the sky people always want me to fall at Xmas
  3. 8. People describe me as what happens when the weather gets angry
  4. 10. When the weather is not hot not cold but in between
  5. 12. skies A phrase used when there are no clouds in the sky
  6. 13. When rain falls the weather is
  7. 14. forecast You have to watch me or read me to find out what the weather will be
  8. 16. When there is too much water in a place
  9. 17. This adjective is used to describe the weather when it is different from day to day
  10. 20. When the temperature is below 0
  1. 1. A flash of light that comes from the sky
  2. 2. This can happen in a desert
  3. 3. There are four of these every year each with a different type of weather
  4. 5. When ice falls from the sky
  5. 7. I help keep you dry in the rain
  6. 8. The number given to indicate how hot or cold the weather is
  7. 9. This is the measure used for temperature
  8. 11. The comparative of bad
  9. 15. When the weather is like this you can't see ahead of you
  10. 18. The comparative of good
  11. 19. This type of weather when very strong can make things fall