1. 2. slightly wet, especially in a way that is not pleasant or comfortable
  2. 4. the seeds of plants that can be used to produce flour
  3. 5. rain in very small light drop
  4. 8. a storm with thunder and lightning and usually heavy rain
  5. 13. the sudden loud noise that comes from the sky especially during a storm
  6. 14. a flash of bright light in the sky that is produced by electricity moving between clouds or from clouds to the ground
  7. 17. the part of a town on the coast next to the beach
  8. 19. to shine brightly and suddenly
  1. 1. a statement of what the weather is likely to be for the next day or few days
  2. 2. a lot of rain in a short time
  3. 3. a long pointed stick of ice that is formed when drops of water freeze
  4. 6. plants in general, or plants that are found in a particular area
  5. 7. a single drop of rain
  6. 9. a white layer of pieces of ice like needles that forms on objects outside when it is very cold
  7. 10. an arch of different colours seen in the sky when rain is falling and the sun is shining
  8. 11. the light and heat that come from the sun
  9. 12. a small pool of liquid on the ground, especially from rain
  10. 15. a period of time such as a few weeks when the weather is much hotter than usual
  11. 16. a large farming tool with blades that digs the earth in fields so that seeds can be planted
  12. 18. a period of warmer weather when snow and ice begin to melt
  13. 20. snow that is lying on the ground and has started to melt