1. 2. a tropical storm or hurricane
  2. 8. a weather scientist
  3. 9. a very strong wind that whirls around caused be the wind
  4. 10. contains a lot of water or water vapor
  5. 11. another word for a tornado
  6. 12. when liquid changes into gas
  7. 15. large areas of warm humid air
  8. 17. a patch of tiny droplets which we see floating in the sky
  9. 18. it occurs when water spills over onto the land from river a lake or the sea
  10. 19. air moving one place to another
  1. 1. a wind you can just feel
  2. 3. cloud a large billowing flat topped cloud that scars up into the sky
  3. 4. an area where a mass of warm air meets a mass cold water
  4. 5. sea water lifted by a hurricane and pushed onto the land
  5. 6. large areas of cool dry air
  6. 7. the average weather of a region of the earth through the year
  7. 13. another name for a cyclone or hurricane
  8. 14. water in a solid state
  9. 15. when a hurricane moves over the coast onto dry land
  10. 16. water as a gas