1. 1. state of the atmosphere
  2. 2. consists of a mixture of gases in layers surrounding the Earth
  3. 6. temperature in this layer becomes warmer
  4. 7. cottony clouds with flat gray bases and puffy bright tops
  5. 8. water that falls from the clouds
  6. 12. satellite, satellite that is able to photograph track and measure the conditions of large-scale are movements
  7. 13. Vane, measures wind direction
  8. 15. amount of water vapor in the air
  9. 16. instrument used to measure the humidity of the air
  10. 18. gauge, measures amount of rain fall
  11. 19. clouds that form the highest in the sky
  12. 21. an instrument for measuring temperature
  13. 23. boundary between two different air masses
  14. 24. part of Earth's atmosphere, land and oceans that supports living things
  15. 25. measure wind speed
  1. 1. tapered, tubular cloth vane, open at both ends, indicates wind direction and approximate intensity
  2. 3. temperatures can reach more 2000 degrees in this layer of the atmosphere
  3. 4. Pressure, the measure of the force with air molecules push on a surface
  4. 5. outermost layer of Earth's atmosphere
  5. 8. instrument determining atmospheric humidity by the reading of two thermometers
  6. 9. average weather conditions in certain places over many years
  7. 10. atmosphere layer closest to the Earth
  8. 11. natural movement of air of any velocity
  9. 12. prediction, meteorologist do this when talking about future weather conditions
  10. 14. masses, large body of air that has properties similar to the part of the Earth's surface over which it develops
  11. 17. any instrument that measures atmosphere pressure
  12. 20. low lying dull colored clouds
  13. 22. the coldest layer of the atmosphere
  14. 25. temperatures, measurement of how cold or hot the temperature is