1. 4. zone hot all year; moderate to heavy precipitation
  2. 8. average of all weather conditions through all seasons over a period of time
  3. 9. vane indicates wind direction
  4. 10. Nino a short-term climate change, sometimes affecting Earth's climate for just a year or so
  5. 11. zone hot summers, cool winters; light precipitation
  6. 12. mass large body of air which has nearly the same temperature & humidity throughout
  7. 14. weather scientists
  8. 15. lowest layer of air that surrounds the Earth
  9. 17. zone cold winters; cool summers; moderate to heavy precipitation
  10. 18. the process of liquid water changing to water vapor
  11. 19. zone cold winters, warm summers; moderate precipitation
  12. 20. warm air hold more water, or ___, than cold air
  13. 21. winds winds that depend on local changes in temperature
  14. 22. large areas of Earth covered by sheets of ice
  1. 1. warming excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may lead to this
  2. 2. the climate of a very small area
  3. 3. zone cold all year; light precipitation
  4. 5. process by which water vapor turns into liquid water drops
  5. 6. the boundary between air masses
  6. 7. effect process by which carbon dioxide in the atmosphere absorbs heat from Earth
  7. 13. rain or snow
  8. 16. winds global winds that blow constantly from the same direction