week 19 - Cadbury's Legacy

  1. 2. What belief were the Cadbury’s family coming from
  2. 4. who sold Cadbury a machine to make the best cocoa powder?
  3. 6. how do we call the sugar paste that can be used to fill chocolate
  4. 8. where did John Cadbury open his first shop?
  5. 10. why is sugar eaten in quantity not very healthy?
  1. 1. who was Cadbury’s main competitor
  2. 3. what is another word for inexpensive and advertised by cadbury about hot chocolate?
  3. 5. essence what brand whas the best cocoa powder at the time?
  4. 7. What ingredient do we add commonly to tea, coffee or chocolate?
  5. 9. who could afford to drink hot chocolate at the time?