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Weight Training

  1. 3. The muscles in the front of your upper arm.
  2. 5. The muscles in your backside.
  3. 6. Your ‘side’ muscles, the muscles on the outside of the abdominals.
  4. 7. Endurance; One type of weight training helps develop muscle tone and muscular ...
  5. 10. Squats works this muscle which is located in the front, to the outside of your lower leg.
  6. 11. weight; Special machines on which the person adjusts the weight with a pin and can only perform a specific movement on each machine.
  7. 12. Neck/shoulder muscle that is in the back.
  8. 14. Anatomical name for your chest muscles.
  9. 18. weights; Barbells and dumbbells are ....... The number of exercises or movements are almost limitless.
  10. 19. A repetition is referred to as a ...
  11. 22. In this form of training a person performs three sets of an exercise, resting between each set, before moving on to the next exercise.
  12. 24. Anatomical name for shoulder muscle.
  13. 25. Another type of weight training focuses on body development and .....
  14. 29. The muscles in the back of your upper arm.
  1. 1. weight; This weight is a short bar, usually with fixed weights at either end.
  2. 2. During the phase you breathe out.
  3. 3. weight; This weight is a long bar, usually with collars at either end. The removable collars allow additional weights to be slid onto or off the bar.
  4. 4. The muscles in the inside of your upper thigh.
  5. 8. maximum; The maximum weight a person can lift a certain number of times.
  6. 9. up; This is essential before every workout so that the body is fully prepared to get the most from the work-out exercises and the risk of injury is low.
  7. 13. The muscles in the back of your thighs.
  8. 15. To ‘accent’ your muscles.
  9. 16. In this form of training a person performs one set of the first exercise then immediately performs, one set of the second exercise and so on until they get back to the second set of the first exercise, not resting until three laps have been completed.
  10. 17. One performance of an exercise.
  11. 20. The muscles in the front of your thighs.
  12. 21. The full term for ‘abs’.
  13. 23. down; What you do at the end of a work out session.
  14. 26. Repetition maximum is referred to as an ...
  15. 27. The number of repetitions of an exercise performed without a break.
  16. 28. During this phase you breathe in.