How Much Do You Know About The Harry-Potter-Verse?

  1. 1. What house produces the most dark wizards?
  2. 5. What does the Wizarding world call Voldemort?
  3. 6. Who is the headmaster at Hogwarts?
  4. 8. Who is Harry Potter's love interst?
  5. 9. How do wizards in Harry Potter get around?
  6. 11. Who was the founder of Ravenclaw?
  7. 14. What does the Wizarding World call Harry Potter throughout the series?
  8. 15. What school does Harry, Hermione, and Ron go to?
  9. 18. Who tries to shake Harry Potter's hand on the train?
  10. 19. Who was the founder of Griffindor?
  11. 21. Who's often the head on Harry and Ron's shoulders?
  12. 23. Who killed Harry Potters parents?
  13. 25. What is Luna Lovegood reading when we're first introduced to her?
  14. 26. What house does Harry Potter get into at Hogwarts?
  15. 27. Who betrayed the Lily Potter and James Potter to Voldemort?
  1. 2. Who loses their toad in the first book on the train?
  2. 3. What do people call Harry and his friends when their together?
  3. 4. Who was the founder of Slytherin?
  4. 7. What did people call James, Lily, Peter, Sirius, and Remus back in school?
  5. 10. Who was the founder of Hufflepuff?
  6. 12. what is on Harry Potters forhead?
  7. 13. What teacher hates Harry Potter the most?
  8. 16. What is Sirius's nickname among the marauders?
  9. 17. Who was the groundskeeper of Hogwarts?
  10. 20. How many kids does Molly Weasley have?
  11. 22. Who is Harry's best mate?
  12. 24. What is Hagrid's full name?