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  1. 3. This book gives us many i__________about how to use it.
  2. 5. The number of the students __________from 2000 to 3000 last year.
  3. 8. Fax machines(传真) were a wonderful i__________ at the time.
  4. 10. They need to _________ some people and find out if they like their jobs.
  5. 11. Reading a lot of books has a good i __________on your writing.
  6. 12. she went back home i__________ of going to school.
  7. 13. __________and agriculture (农业)are the two important parts of the national economy(经济).
  1. 1. Your self-introduction should i__________ your name, your school ,your address and even your hobbies.
  2. 2. Each center would provide i__________ on technology and training.
  3. 4. __________
  4. 6. Here I end my world trip, hope you enjoyed the j__________ with me.
  5. 7. J_________ is the first month of a year.
  6. 9. I like wearing j__________ and it’s also called pants.
  7. 10. What do you think we should do to i__________ our environment?
  8. 12. From your smile I i__________ that you're pleased.