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  1. 1. By the time he was ten, he had already built a chemistry l________ for himself.
  2. 3. Hurry up! If we miss the l___________ bus, we'll have to get home by taxi.
  3. 5. __________
  4. 7. It is reported that a young traffic policeman was k___________ down and sent to the hospital.
  5. 10. Did you see the l________ newspaper?
  6. 11. When Senzhou VII l___________ safely on the earth, all Chinese were cheerful.
  7. 12. Brazil is the world’s l________ producer of coffee.
  1. 1. He works hard till l___________ night to pass the exam.
  2. 2. I don’t k___________ the answer to the question.
  3. 3. We can see swans swimming in the l___________.
  4. 4. We use k___________ to cut things.
  5. 6. In order to find a better job, she planned to learn a foreign l___________.
  6. 8. Can you see a k___________ flying in the sky?
  7. 9. Grandma was a kind, well-educated old l___________.
  8. 12. Sooner or l________, he will the president in US history.