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  1. 2. The students are reading l________ in the morning.
  2. 5. Most of them l________ peaceful and happy lives.
  3. 6. Please speaker l_____ , I couldn’t hear you clearly just now.
  4. 7. She is a l________ and active girl.
  5. 9. I l________ my key and I must find it.
  6. 10. How l________ have you lived here?
  7. 11. If you can’t find the way when you travel ,you should ask the l________ people for help.
  8. 12. At that moment he heard Alice's key turning in the l_______ of the door.
  1. 1. I learned a l________ from him about how to run a company.
  2. 3. Those children feel l________ because their parents work outside all the year.
  3. 4. Romeo and Juliet is a l________ story.
  4. 5. The girl's rosy cheeks made her look very l_______.
  5. 7. She is a l________ nervous because she’s never been heard by so many people.
  6. 8. __________
  7. 9. The flowers l________ very nice and I will buy them .