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Words of office administration

  1. 1. A book in which a business, bank etc records how much money it receives and spends
  2. 3. a letter or message that is sent in electronic form down a telephone lineand then printed using a special machine
  3. 5. A tool used for putting staples into paper
  4. 8. when someone obeys a rule, agreement, or demand
  5. 15. room a room for people to wait in, for example before they see a doctor, until their train arrives
  6. 16. Someone who keeps records or accounts in an office
  7. 17. someone who plans and makes important decisionsabout something, especially someone whose job is to plan the way towns grow and develop
  8. 18. The activity of controlling and organizing the work that a company or organization does
  9. 20. a way of doing something, especially the correct or usual way
  10. 21. Material in the form of thin sheets that is used for writing on, wrapping things etc
  11. 22. something that divides something else into parts
  12. 25. the rate at which goods are produced, and the amount produced, especially in relation to the work, time, and money needed to produce them
  13. 26. a book made of plain paper on which you can write notes
  14. 30. A set of papers, records etc that contain information about a particular person or subject
  15. 34. the ability to make decisions and take action without waiting for someone to tell you what to do
  16. 36. a way of doing something that has been officially agreed and chosen by a political party, a business, or another organization
  17. 37. the activity of managing salary payments for workers in a company
  18. 38. The buildings and land used by a shop, business, hotel etc
  19. 39. A written list showing how much you have to pay for services you have received, work that has been done etc
  20. 40. the debts that a company agrees to be responsible for paying when it buys another company
  21. 42. also postage stamp formal) a small pieceof paper that you buy and stick onto an envelope or package before posting it
  22. 43. internet a service that allows you to use the Internet with a mobile phone or a wireless computer
  23. 44. A machine which is connected to a computer and can make a printed record of computer information
  1. 2. Part of a piece of furniture, such as a desk, that you pull out and push in and use to keep things in
  2. 4. agreement a formal agreement between an employer and a TRADE UNION in which the agreed conditions of employment such as wages and hours are stated
  3. 6. Someone whose job is to keep and check financial accounts, calculate taxes etc
  4. 7. an electronic machine that stores information and uses programs to help you find, organize, or change the information
  5. 9. A room where someone has a desk and works, on their own or with other people
  6. 10. the things that a company owns, that can be sold to pay debts
  7. 11. a set of pages that show the days, weeks, and months of a particular year, that you usually hang on a wall
  8. 12. A small container for holding paper, cans etc that are not wanted
  9. 13. someone whose job is to manage part or all of a company or other organization
  10. 14. cabinet A piece of office furniture with drawers for storing letters, reports
  11. 16. all the people who regularly use a shop, restaurant
  12. 19. book a large book divided into days and times containing the names of people you have appointments with, for example a doctor or a hairdresser
  13. 23. the way in which your muscles move together when you perform a movement
  14. 24. a hot dark browndrink that has a slightly bitter taste
  15. 25. a machine that makes photographic copies of documents
  16. 27. used in order to prevent computer viruses from harming a computer or computer system
  17. 28. a machine that passes an electricalbeam over something in order to produce a picture of what is inside it
  18. 29. sharpener a small instrument with a blade inside, used to make pencils sharp
  19. 31. an object that produces light by using electricity, oil, or gas
  20. 32. A legal agreement which allows you to use a building, car etc for a period of time, in return for rent
  21. 33. a machine that cuts documents into small pieces so that no one can read them
  22. 35. a large amount of data stored in a computer system so that you can find and use it easily
  23. 41. A long flat narrow board attached to a wall or in a frame or cupboard, used for putting things on