World History Extra Credit Crossword Puzzle

  1. 2. a Russian emperor
  2. 6. a reform movement of the 1500s that split the Catholic Church and gave birth to the Protestant religion
  3. 11. feudal lords in Japan
  4. 13. the military advances that resulted from the development of gunpowder weaponry
  5. 14. persons of mixed European and native ancestry
  6. 15. rights that belong to people “by nature,” simply because they are human beings
  7. 16. a Christian who separated from the Catholic Church during the Reformation; today, any member of a Christian church founded on the principles of the Reformation
  8. 18. an intellectual movement of the 18th century that applied scientific methods to the study of society and government
  9. 19. an economic philosophy that favored self-sufficiency, called for stockpiling gold and silver, encouraged exports, and discouraged imports
  1. 1. a movement to revive and defend Catholicism in response to the Reformation
  2. 3. a system of rule in which a monarch or other ruler enjoys unlimited power
  3. 4. military ruler in feudal Japan
  4. 5. the notion that a ruler’s power is derived from God and cannot be questioned
  5. 7. the transfer of plants, animals, and diseases between the eastern and western hemispheres
  6. 8. slave soldier in the Ottoman Empire, usually Christian
  7. 9. a flowering of culture, based on classical Greek and Roman ideas, that began in Italy in around 1300 and later spread throughout Europe
  8. 10. the devastation of American Indian populations by diseases brought over from Europe
  9. 12. an official church pardon that relieved Catholics from punishment for sins
  10. 17. Japanese warriors