Year 8 key words

  1. 4. Chemistry: The name of group 7 elements in the periodic table.
  2. 6. Physics: The law of reflection says the angle of incident is equal to the angle of ...
  3. 7. Physics: What do we call it when light waves change speed and bend?
  4. 9. Physics: the units we use to measure force.
  5. 11. Chemistry: a property of non-metals which means they can shatter.
  6. 12. Physics: distance divided by time.
  7. 13. Chemistry: a substance that speeds up chemical reactions but remains unchanged.
  8. 14. Physics: the units we use to measure energy.
  9. 15. Chemistry: Iron + oxygen -->____________.
  1. 1. Chemistry: a property of metals which means they can be bent into different shapes.
  2. 2. Biology: a drug that's taken for fun, not to treat an illness.
  3. 3. Biology: One of the food groups needed for energy.
  4. 5. Biology: the addictive part of cigarette smoke.
  5. 8. Biology: The food group needed for growth and repair.
  6. 10. Biology: The intestine that absorbs nutrients from food.