ZAP Winter Crossword Puzzle

  1. 4. the smallest marine mammal in the ocean, and a keystone species that the Oregon Zoo is working with partners to bring back to the west coast
  2. 6. the scientific name for the desert beetle that plays dead as a defense mechanism
  3. 9. the hard outer shell invertebrate have instead of inner bones
  4. 11. Giraffes have a unique color tongue that acts as sunscreen when they eat off branches in the hot summer heat. What is that color?
  5. 12. a device that gives the animal their food at certain times. These can be seen all throughout the elephant enclosure at the Oregon Zoo
  1. 1. Found in most big cats to prevent them from scratching each other during play fights or calm interactions
  2. 2. The soft and sandpaper textured toes on the mountain goats that allows them to scale steep mountains and rocks easily
  3. 3. This feature allows me to grab and hold objects, and is a feature shared with primates
  4. 5. This one difference between monkeys and apes allows for monkeys to traverse trees easier
  5. 7. The most common name other than cougar for this wild cat
  6. 8. a species of marine ray-finned fish that has a gray speckled body, strong jaw, and swims in an S pattern through shallow water
  7. 10. Who is the youngest of the 5 elephants? Hint: he loves playing in the water!