English Plus Magazine Crossword Puzzle 05

  1. 3. brag, boast, or excessively praise (e.g. China likes to ______ its military strength, intimidating her neighbors.)
  2. 5. flattery and gentle pleading done on purpose to persuade someone to do something (e.g. No amount of ______ could convince Doris to hand us the keys to her car, so we took it for a ride without permission.)
  3. 7. someone who rides atop a horse and herds farm animals from place to place typically in Spanish speaking regions (e.g. The ______ rode his stallion quickly through the farmland to catch up to the heard of cows.)
  4. 9. having less strength or power (e.g. Because my brother is ______ than me, I did most of the heavy lifting during the move.)
  5. 10. messy and unorganized (e.g. A maid is needed to help the clean the ______ home.)
  1. 1. a way of writing about or thinking about a subject that is based on a particular opinion or set of ideas; a sloping position or angle (e.g. The ______ of the mountain side made a much easier track for the mountain climbers than the strictly vertical path.)
  2. 2. highly educated people in a society (e.g. French ______ were heavily involved in helping educate the poorer class in the Paris.)
  3. 4. an independent country, community or state (e.g. According to census records her home state is the fastest growing ______ in the nation.)
  4. 6. a stand or shelf used to hold or hang things (e.g. A shoe ______ and several small cubbies lined the walls of the classroom.)
  5. 8. to teach in a way that improves the mind or character (e.g. As good Christians, we must seek to ______ our neighbors about God and Jesus Christ.)