1. 2. A very serious burn in which all the layers of skin are damaged
  2. 4. A first-aid procedure where someone forces air into the lungs of a person who cannot breathe on his or her own
  3. 6. Actions taken to prevent the spread of disease by treating all blood as if it were contaminated
  4. 7. physical and mental symptoms of taking too many opioids
  5. 8. A first-aid procedure to restore breathing and circulation
  6. 9. person who's airway is restricted by something.
  7. 12. A moderately serious burn in which the burned area blisters
  8. 14. Quick inward and upward pulls into the diaphragm to force an obstruction out of the airway
  9. 16. position that you put a unconscious breathing person in
  10. 17. Serious condition that occurs when the blood supply to the heart slows or stops and the heart muscle is damaged
  11. 18. medicine that is prescribed by health professionals
  12. 20. the immediate care given to someone who becomes injured or ill until regular medical care can be provided
  1. 1. A burn in which only the outer layer of skin has burned and turned red
  2. 3. heroin, meth, etc
  3. 5. signs that are universally accepted.
  4. 10. A community agency that helps people deal with poisoning emergencies
  5. 11. Heart does not get enough oxygen
  6. 13. Quick presses into the middle of the breastbone to force an obstruction out of the airway
  7. 15. A life-threatening condition in which the circulatory system fails to deliver enough blood to vital tissues and organs
  8. 19. machine that sends electric pulses through the body