Vocabulary Building Crossword Puzzle Set 14

  1. 5. having lost all hope; disheartened (e.g. After losing the final game of the season, the once excited team was now sad and ______.)
  2. 7. married (e.g. The woman ______ her longtime boyfriend in a private ceremony on the beach.)
  3. 9. civil government forces tasked with detecting and preventing crime and maintaining public order (e.g. The ______ are often called on to investigate disturbances in residential neighborhoods.)
  4. 10. a medieval peasant who was forced to work on a manor (e.g. The main duty of the ______ was to work in the fields, but he was also required to serve at his lord's house at least three days a week.)
  1. 1. so interested, surprised, or afraid that you are unable to move / to pierce with a sharp pointed weapon (e.g. As she walked down the aisle, the entire gathering sat ______ on her.)
  2. 2. to persuade someone to do something by means of deception or flattery (e.g. Speechless I stood by as June was able to ______ her way into the private club by flirting with the security guard.)
  3. 3. a brutal ruler who controls everything (e.g. Once the ______ killed his parents, he was able to run the country with an iron fist.)
  4. 4. tempting; alluring (e.g. ______ plates full of scrumptious shrimp and mouthwatering steak made the guests mouth water.)
  5. 6. not capable of being damaged or injured (e.g. The police officer knew he could die any day because he was not ______.)
  6. 8. to impend; to threaten or hang over (e.g. When the storm begins to ______ over the horizon, we will head back to the car.)