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Lion's Roar Cassie Three

  1. 2. (easy) This government organ holds public meetings every Monday in the Stormwind Keep
  2. 8. (easy) This prolific troll tribe joined the Horde during Thrall's exodus from the Eastern Kingdoms
  3. 9. (medium) That which is east of the Eastern Kingdoms
  4. 10. (easy) This ogre was a prominent member of the Shadow Council
  5. 13. (easy) A loa also known as the God of Garbage
  6. 14. (medium) The second virtue of the Holy Light
  7. 15. (easy) A cultural event in Stormwind that horror fans enjoy particularly
  8. 17. (medium) The former name of the dragon aspect responsible for the Cataclysm
  9. 19. (easy) One of the cosmic forces, mostly associated with demons
  10. 20. (easy) The most well-known Night Elf Warden
  11. 22. (medium) This airship of the Alliance was destroyed at the Broken Shore
  12. 25. (easy) A popular newspaper
  13. 27. (easy) A region of Outland where mushrooms grow large enough to support entire villages
  14. 29. (easy) A great Mogu emperor also known as the Thunder King
  1. 1. (medium) A forsaken metal band playing at the Darkmoon Faire
  2. 3. (easy) This verdant landscape is taken care of by the Green Dragonflight and their druid allies
  3. 4. (hard) Stormwind's rat population hates this man
  4. 5. (easy) Borough of Stormwind City that connects directly to the embassy park
  5. 6. (medium) A denonym for people from Kul Tiras
  6. 7. (medium) A former warchief of the Horde that made a blood pact with a demon
  7. 11. (easy) This neutral trading port is surrounded by sand
  8. 12. (easy) A forsaken village in Tirisfal Glades
  9. 16. (medium) A race of spider demons
  10. 18. (easy) The naaru master of Shattrath City
  11. 21. (medium) The dwarven clan behind the best-selling beers in the Blue Recluse
  12. 23. (medium) A tribe of forest trolls living in the Hinterlands
  13. 24. (easy) A tower built upon a nexus of ley lines
  14. 26. (medium) An acient Arakkoa civilization from Draenor
  15. 28. (easy) This region in Kalimdor recently was attacked by forces of the Old Gods