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Animal Terms

  1. 1. flesh of animals as used for food.
  2. 3. international candle
  3. 7. full of juice;succulent
  4. 8. newly made or obtained
  5. 10. a slice of meat or fish, especially beef, cooked by broiling, frying
  6. 12. different cuts of beef and where they come from
  7. 16. divide with or as if with a sharp-edged instrument
  8. 17. a classification or standard of food based on quality
  9. 18. young sheep
  10. 19. property of a substance that activates the sense of smell
  11. 20. the roundish reproductive body produced by the female of certain animals, as birds and most reptiles
  12. 21. entire chunks of meat
  13. 22. percent of the live animal that ends up as carcass
  14. 25. flesh of a cow, steer, or bull used in meat
  15. 26. taste
  16. 27. practice of separating products according to quality
  17. 28. the proportion of lean salable meat yielded by a carcass
  18. 30. opaque white or bluish-white liquid secreted by the mammary glands of female mammals
  19. 32. flesh of goats as food
  20. 33. amount of usable meat obtained from a carcass
  21. 34. the flesh of hogs used as food
  1. 1. the flesh of sheep
  2. 2. scientific discipline used to evoke, measure, analyze, and interpret reactions to the characteristics of food
  3. 4. dead body of an animal
  4. 5. composite evaluation of factors that affect palatability of meat
  5. 6. ceases to be useful
  6. 9. any material derived from the body of an animal
  7. 11. wholesale cuts into which the carcass of a food animal is divided
  8. 13. curd of milk separated from the whey and prepared in many ways as a food
  9. 14. soft or delicate in substance
  10. 15. systematic series of actions directed to some end
  11. 23. make or keep cold or cool
  12. 24. acceptable or agreeable to the palate or taste
  13. 28. cylinder or block of wax or tallow with a central wick
  14. 29. to try or test the flavor or quality
  15. 31. the flesh of the calf as used for food
  16. 32. act or a method of preserving meat