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  1. 1. Electrical contraption that WILL be confiscated if found
  2. 4. The other division
  3. 5. The word omitted in the acronym MAP
  4. 8. Translated word-for-word from Chinese, it is the Five Subject Complete Ability
  5. 11. Eukaryote with pseudopods
  6. 13. Under 60
  7. 15. What A stands for in the acronym ASB
  8. 16. The disappearing subject
  9. 19. What the construction site used to be
  10. 20. An ASB will tell you to put these into the reception room refrigerator if you march into the building with them after lunch
  11. 21. What you're most likely holding right now
  12. 22. Answer well in his class and you can aim a plastic ball at the whiteboard
  13. 23. The test you take if you're sick--and what you can't wear to school
  1. 1. What you avoid by citing your sources
  2. 2. The only landlocked country in Southeast Asia
  3. 3. Several packets of these are given out at the start of the semester
  4. 6. One of these for each subject
  5. 7. Constant quantity placed before a variable in an algebraic expression
  6. 9. A vast space; numerous people congregate here at the start of the semester
  7. 10. 8B's first class on Monday morning
  8. 12. Last two classes on Thursday
  9. 13. In minutes, the amount of time the sixth-graders have to grab a seat in the cafeteria before the seventh- and eighth-graders come stampeding along
  10. 14. Wear a collared shirt on this day of the week
  11. 17. Four or five heavy items that *should* be in your locker
  12. 18. Character that appears first in Lord of the Flies