1. 2. To closely watch an opponent with intent to keep the player from gaining possession of the ball, or from making a pass or shot.
  2. 3. A segment of game time; a game consists of four periods.
  3. 6. Guard A strategy in which a guard advances the ball up court to begin an offensive play.
  4. 7. Goal A basket made while the ball is in play, worth two points. Also known simply as a basket.
  5. 9. In position near the basket to capture rebounds and block shots.
  6. 11. Advancing close to the basket in an effort to bank a shot off the backboard.
  7. 12. Also known as "walking"; a violation in which the ball handler takes fewer than two steps without dribbling, or holds the ball while changing or moving the pivot foot.
  8. 14. The team in possession of the ball.
  9. 17. An illegal play other than a floor violation.
  10. 18. The offensive team gives the ball up to defense.
  11. 19. A play from one teammate to another.
  1. 1. Lane Also called "the key", the area designated for free-throws 12 feet wide and running from the baseline to the free-throw line.
  2. 4. Bouncing the ball off the floor with one hand.
  3. 5. Dribble The illegal act of dribbling, stopping, then dribbling again.
  4. 7. A free shot taken from the foul line awarded a player whose opponent committed a foul.
  5. 8. Ball The ball tossed into the air by the referee between two opposing players in order to start the game.
  6. 10. Also known as "end lines", the boundary lines extending across both ends of the court behind the baskets.
  7. 13. The team not in possession of the ball.
  8. 15. Players positioned along the free-throw lane and who are generally closer to the basket than the guards.
  9. 16. Shot A shot in which an offensive player's feet leave the floor.