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  1. 4. Quantity limits n the scale of foreign imports.
  2. 5. By looking at all aspects of a particular business decision or proposal, consider a
  3. 7. Description or observation of business data or information relating to a business decision or issue.
  4. 9. Person who buys a business.
  5. 11. Occur when the employer can no longer afford to hire the worker.
  6. 13. Intergration and interdependence of economics.
  7. 14. Show the differences between ideas or concepts.
  8. 17. Employees work in a location away from the workplace.
  9. 18. Refusal to buy products from a business as a sign of protest.
  10. 19. Add information or data.
  11. 22. Updating employee skills in delivering CSR such as good customer care.
  12. 23. Tax on imports.
  1. 1. The senior members of satff who have been elected by shareholders of a company to run the business on their behalf.
  2. 2. The vertical transfer of information in a hierarchy, via meetings between staff at different levels of the hierarchy.
  3. 3. view of the decision or proposal.
  4. 6. The process of shifting through applications to identify suitable candidates for the jobs.
  5. 8. Transferring a staff member from a department or branch that no longer requires their services to other areas of business.
  6. 10. Using the power of pressure groups to influence key issues
  7. 12. Take out the action of government on the economy.
  8. 15. The process of hiring suitable workers.
  9. 16. Person who sells the license of their business.
  10. 20. Describe, giving reasons, a business idea, observation or issue.
  11. 21. Consider a business decision or proposal which sets out its assumptions and interrelationships.