By your side

  1. 8. The thing Dax has on his left wrist
  2. 11. The thing Autumn wanted to teach Dax
  3. 12. The place where Autumn kept most of her pictures
  4. 14. The thing Dallin brought as a gift for Jeff
  5. 15. The thing Dax kept in his book
  6. 17. The amount of days they were trapped
  7. 18. The place Dax and Autumn met yp, close to her house
  1. 1. Autumn's hobby
  2. 2. The theme of the party Dallin throws for Autumn
  3. 3. The drink Autumn and other characters drank multiple times throughout the book
  4. 4. The thing they treasured as a memento of their stay at the library
  5. 5. The book Dax was reading
  6. 6. The thing Autumn left at the library
  7. 7. The thing Autumn has but keeps a secret for her friends
  8. 9. The pastry Autumn wanted to buy Dax after they got out of the library
  9. 10. The place where Autumn and her friends like to eat
  10. 13. The card game Autumn taught Dax
  11. 15. The name of Autumn's best friend
  12. 16. The colour of Dax's sleeping bag
  13. 18. The chocolate bar Autumn and Dax got from the vending machine