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Ecological Terms and Florida Nature

  1. 4. This common tree's scientific name is Quercus virginiana.
  2. 6. Bird that feeds almost exclusively on apple snails.
  3. 8. The calcium carbonate baserock of Florida.
  4. 10. The largest owl in Florida, claims/steals hawk nests.
  5. 13. The Florida ___ ___, a bird endemic to FL's oak scrub.
  6. 14. Term for a bird of prey (i.e. hawk, owl, falcon, kite).
  7. 15. Term for coastal forest on higher ground than dune areas.
  1. 1. Endangered woodpecker, bores cavities in live pines.
  2. 2. A wetland dominated by woody material/trees.
  3. 3. Trees that lose leaves at end of each growing season.
  4. 5. Most fire-resistant pine in FL with longest needles.
  5. 7. A wetland dominated by non-woody material/ grasses.
  6. 9. Term for broadleaf trees (i.e. oak, maple, walnut).
  7. 11. Trees with persistent needles or leaves throughout year.
  8. 12. Florida's oldest and most endangered ecosystem.