Exercise for your brain

  1. 1. Swapping these with friends can help spice up your diet.
  2. 4. Make sure to wear one when riding your bike.
  3. 8. This important liquid prevents kidney damage and can decrease your risk of kidney stones.
  4. 13. Practice that helps mental health.
  5. 15. Getting enough ____ can help with problems related to memory and thinking.
  6. 16. Fun sport to play outdoors as a family.
  7. 17. ____ reduces the risk of cognitive decline and dementia. You may also do this by the pool or in your hammock.
  8. 18. Helps prevent skin damage.
  9. 20. Helps prevent COVID-19.
  10. 21. Engaging in a game of ____ helps your brain health. Chances are you've driven over one of them in the past week.
  1. 2. These can help catch disease early.
  2. 3. This type of diet has been shown to improve heart health.
  3. 5. A habit to keep you healthy that requires soap and water.
  4. 6. Outdoor activity that produces a flower, fruit or vegetable.
  5. 7. Risk factor for numerous diseases.
  6. 9. Tai chi can build this.
  7. 10. ____ your mind could have long-term and short-term benefits for your brain.
  8. 11. An allergy trigger.
  9. 12. What to wear when you enter a healthcare facility.
  10. 14. Visit the peacehealth.org ____ to view health articles.
  11. 19. Largest organ of the body.