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  1. 4. Regular exercise can help to control this condition
  2. 8. Strangely you have more of this when you exercise regularly
  3. 10. All exercise sessions, to get max benefits, should be this long
  4. 13. Amount of exercise to do per week
  5. 15. Do this to prevent good and bad days
  6. 18. Important to keep this covered if exercising in cold weather
  7. 19. The last ten minutes of your exercise session
  8. 21. The first ten minutes of your exercise session
  9. 22. This is not usually directly affected by exercise
  10. 23. Exercise helps to control this
  11. 26. Avoid regularly lifting heavy ones of these
  12. 27. Make sure you maintain this in warmer weather
  1. 1. Exercise can help our heart but also prevent one of these
  2. 2. If trying to lose weight do this many mins of exercise per day
  3. 3. Can go fast and irregular if you don't cool down properly
  4. 4. How we might feel if we don't keep our feet moving!
  5. 5. The condition you all have and why you are here
  6. 6. Jo's favourite saying
  7. 7. Leave at least one hour after one of these before you exercise
  8. 9. A place where people can go to exercise
  9. 11. The type of exercise that benefits you the most
  10. 12. Use this to know if you are working hard enough
  11. 14. Exercise is the best way to improve this cholesterol
  12. 16. An ideal form of free exercise, suitable for everyone
  13. 17. Complete this many weeks of exercise to see changes
  14. 20. Exercise is best when you feel a little bit...
  15. 24. When you feel this you can skip your exercise!
  16. 25. Balance your calories in and exercise levels to control this