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Fairy tales

  1. 1. the chief male character in a fairy tale is often referred to as the ....
  2. 2. an act, process or instance of transforming or being transformed
  3. 4. animals who behave like human beings can be said to be ...........
  4. 7. a difference that prevents agreement
  5. 9. in fairy tales you often find the same thing happening several times in row. This is called..........
  6. 10. the process of developing fully
  7. 12. not restricted to a particular time or date
  8. 14. a scoundrel or a criminal
  9. 15. something which the main character of a fairy tale often has to go through
  1. 1. the female counterart of a hero
  2. 3. departing from what is usual or normal especially so as to appear to transcend the laws of nature
  3. 5. when an author who is not named or identified
  4. 6. stereotyped characters as the ones we often find in fairy tales can also be called....characters
  5. 8. actions that cause suffering
  6. 11. in fairy tales we often find kings, queens etc. They can also be referred to as .......
  7. 13. 3 and 7 are ..... which are often found in fairy tales