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  1. 2. activity requiring physical effort
  2. 3. time when you are free of sickness or injury
  3. 5. most common home exercise tool used to jog to stay in shape and be conditioned
  4. 8. ability to use different parts of the body simultaneously and efficiently
  5. 10. form of exercise where you push or pull weights to build muscle strength
  6. 11. breaks down and rebuilds to make you stronger commonly flexed to show strength
  7. 13. activity that involves physical activity in a competition against a team or person for entertainment
  8. 15. anything that makes your heart rate rise
  9. 17. stomach muscles
  10. 18. place where you can go to make yourself stronger or healthier
  11. 19. person who plays sports
  1. 1. lack of fluids in your body when exercising, could lead to death
  2. 4. organ that sends blood throughout your body
  3. 6. exercise to achieve bodily fitness and graceful movement
  4. 7. form of exercise where you move at your fastest speed for a certain distance
  5. 9. opposite of fitness meaning you are above a healthy weight
  6. 12. physical power
  7. 14. peaceful exercise with many moves centered around balance
  8. 16. when you limit the foods you eat to lose weight
  9. 20. organs that take in oxygen