1. 3. Before a play the team gathers in one of these to decide on a play
  2. 6. The player drops the ball and the other team has a chance to take the ball
  3. 7. A foul when the defense makes it almost impossible for the receiver to catch the ball
  4. 9. The receiver has the ball and is running towards the end zone
  5. 10. Starts the play after the Quarterback says hut
  6. 13. A foul when someone moves when they are not suppose to
  7. 17. The player that catches or gets handed the ball and runs to the end zone
  8. 18. The defense stops the offense from moving by throwing them to the ground
  9. 19. This player makes all the plays whether it is passing or throwing the ball
  10. 21. A foul where the defense or offense holds onto the other teams jersey to prevent them from moving or tackling
  11. 23. The National Football League
  1. 1. An official who directs the other six of these on the field
  2. 2. At the beginning of the game or when a team score the players kick the ball to the other team
  3. 4. The team who does not have the ball and tries to prevent the other team from scoring
  4. 5. The quarterback of the offense throws a ball and the defense catches the ball
  5. 7. The player does not catch the ball thrown to them
  6. 8. The defense knowing the ball out of the offense hands resulting in a fumble or interseption
  7. 11. There are four of these in one game, sometimes more if there is a tie at the end of the game
  8. 12. The team that has the ball and it trying to score a touchdown
  9. 14. The defense tackles the offense in the defenses end zone
  10. 15. A foul where the defense grabs a hold of the offense helmet
  11. 16. When a player runs to the end zone of the field scoring 7 points
  12. 20. A kick on fourth down where the offense did not make it to the end zone so the defense gets the ball
  13. 22. Four of these to make 10 yards or the other team gets the ball