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Game Vocab

  1. 1. that are controlled by the referee or game master. It can also represent all the
  2. 4. Curve Also called a normal or Gaussian curve. This curve represents a probability
  3. 5. a game dominated by dice rolling
  4. 7. A two-player wargame in which play is dominated by cards
  5. 8. Player Character. This term applies specifically to characters in role-playing
  6. 10. a form of playtesting where the designer is not involved
  7. 11. in relation to computers means
  8. 12. Curve–see bell curve.
  9. 13. require this
  10. 17. programming.
  11. 18. this generally applies to games where thinking is a major activity if not the major
  12. 19. see "play balance".
  13. 20. electronic character
  14. 25. with little or no experience in the game being
  15. 27. Collectible Card Games.
  16. 28. hidden information.
  17. 29. that the game designer controls and the players do not.
  18. 31. or possibly in game playing in general.
  19. 32. another term for tabletop or non-electronic games
  20. 33. games, starting positions for all players that are identical.
  1. 2. Bearing no relation to/connection with the real world like checkers and chess.
  2. 3. a defect of some game design that focuses so much on technology that
  3. 4. game designer has original and sometimes they reuse other ideas
  4. 6. In video game shooters, staying in one well-concealed, easily-defended place
  5. 9. starting positions that are not identical.
  6. 14. Games–A less mellifluous term for tabletop games
  7. 15. if the video game has passed beyond the pitch and game
  8. 16. gameplay is sometimes forgotten.
  9. 20. A video game can be ruined by this because of the computer whether it is teammates or enemies
  10. 21. game– video games that provide a short, episodic experience,
  11. 22. the date by which something needs to be done (see milestone).
  12. 23. games almost
  13. 24. the term often used to refer to the game that is still in the play testing stage.
  14. 26. provide potentially colorful but
  15. 30. games with a high budget and made by big