The Global Graph Celebration Day Puzzle

  1. 2. A fundamental unit of data that represents a single entity or object in a graph.
  2. 5. A graphy machine learning technique that mimics how the human brain works.
  3. 7. An investigative journalist organization that uses Neo4j to uncover financial corruption around the world.
  4. 9. A space agency that uses Neo4j to store and analyze decades of space knowledge.
  5. 13. Often depicted as a line or arrow in a graph.
  6. 14. Fully-managed cloud service for deploying and running Neo4j graph databases.
  7. 15. A social media platform that's built on graph and uses connections to connect users.
  8. 16. A site where you can take free graph courses online and get certified by Neo4j.
  9. 17. The process of examining complex data and information for insights.
  10. 19. A graphy use case widely used in retail to make you consider buying more products.
  1. 1. A SQL equivalent of relationship that is not as efficient for making deep traversals.
  2. 3. An algorithm that finds the shortest path or paths between two nodes.
  3. 4. Powerful and user-friendly tool for exploring and visualizing graph data in Neo4j.
  4. 6. This type of data consists of triples, which represent a subject, predicate and object.
  5. 8. Query language that allows users to write queries that traverse the nodes and edges of a graph.
  6. 10. A full stack framework combining GraphQL, React, Apollo, and Neo4j Database.
  7. 11. A Swiss mathematician and physicist credited with inventing the modern notation for representing graphs.
  8. 12. An algorithm based on the webgraph, used by Google to rank searches.
  9. 18. One of the most widely used graph database management systems in the world.