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Health Crossword

  1. 2. This is a serious situation that generally occurs without warning.
  2. 4. A health-care __________ is a place people go to receive health care.
  3. 6. A _________ event is an event in which you little or no control.
  4. 7. __________ factors can improve your odds of healthy or positive outcomes.
  5. 10. The quality of life depending on your health status.
  6. 11. Ads are designed to __________ people.
  7. 16. A risk is ______ after you decide a risk isn't worth it.
  8. 18. Your decision-making ______ shows how you make decisions.
  9. 19. This part of the Health Triangle focuses on the condition of a person's body.
  10. 20. _______ behavior promotes healthy living.
  11. 22. These are announcements that are paid to give you information on a product.
  12. 23. A __________ health goal is a health goal somebody plans to achieve over a longer period of time.
  13. 24. A health________ is an item used to maintain or restore health.
  14. 29. A behavior somebody works to achieve or maintain is a ________ goal.
  15. 32. These skills help people solve problems.
  16. 34. This is what happens when you become feeling overwhelmed, stressed, bored, or tired.
  17. 35. Equipment that can be used to communicate information.
  18. 36. A ______________ health goal is a healthy goal that somebody plans to achieve in the near future.
  19. 37. This is a person who will provide a service without pay.
  20. 39. It is important to quickly take ______ in an emergency.
  1. 1. A health advocate uses their skills to _______ health behavior of others.
  2. 2. There are this many steps in setting health goals.
  3. 3. There was a project in the 1900's called Healthy _____ 2010.
  4. 5. There were _____ main goals in the 1900's project.
  5. 8. ________ skills are skills used to get away or say "no" to risky situations.
  6. 9. This part of the Health Triangle is the condition of somebody's mind and how they express their emotions.
  7. 12. Health _______ is knowing and having the characteristics of healthy/important skills.
  8. 13. After considering possible outcomes, a risk becomes a _____________ risk.
  9. 14. This is when you use your time or talent to do something that may help others.
  10. 15. Any chance that doesn't have a known outcome.
  11. 17. There are this many steps in becoming a health advocate.
  12. 21. This is what's used to show the three kinds of health.
  13. 25. _________ behavior threatens healthy living.
  14. 26. These cause you to take actions that can affect your health.
  15. 27. A general idea formed around an area of health is a health __________.
  16. 28. This part of the Health Triangle focuses on your relationships with others.
  17. 30. A volunteer _______ is a place that helps prove people with volunteering work.
  18. 31. There are ______ main steps to accessing health products, information, and services.
  19. 33. A health behavior inventory lets people see how well they're practicing what type of behaviors?
  20. 38. Critical ________ is evaluating facts and possible outcomes before making a decision.
  21. 40. There are this many advertising appeals.