Hughesy's Gang 2015

  1. 3. Usually found performing on stage, but performs well in Maths too.
  2. 5. A confident student who is not shy to call the Principal ‘Bowden’.
  3. 6. Too cool to study, but still does well in General Maths exams.
  4. 10. Name of your school.
  5. 14. 3 page ‘cheat sheet’ at the end of the General Maths exam.
  6. 16. Wrote his name in every Maths textbook in Room 309.
  7. 19. Art & Media student with a precious metal surname.
  8. 21. Suburb surrounding the school.
  9. 22. Sorry Miss, I haven’t done my Maths H/W, but I have 2 slices of grid paper left.
  10. 23. The guardian of the Maths textbooks and he won’t let anyone else help.
  1. 1. Art and Textiles student with an almost perfect H/W record.
  2. 2. Your Maths teacher’s surname.
  3. 3. Your Maths teacher’s first name.
  4. 4. Works in Mrs Hughes favourite clothes shop.
  5. 7. Started out as a quiet student, but has learned how to ‘talk underwater’.
  6. 8. This subject.
  7. 9. Computing & Media student who is guaranteed not to distract others by talking.
  8. 11. A student with double letter initials and an almost perfect H/W record.
  9. 12. Has the ability to ‘talk underwater’ and practises in Maths lessons.
  10. 13. Higher School Certificate (acronym)
  11. 15. Sorry Miss, I can’t find my Maths H/W – I know it’s here somewhere…
  12. 17. Secretly owns a cosmetics company, but ‘never’ wears makeup to school…
  13. 18. Usually found on a cricket pitch, but occasionally does a bit of Maths.
  14. 20. Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (acronym)
  15. 24. Back row bandit - too cool for 2 unit Maths, but sometimes hangs out with the Police.