I Travel Therefore I am

  1. 3. A planned route or journey which lets you consume all the popular sites in a clich├ęd order
  2. 6. An act of breaking free from daily routine and going on holidays
  3. 7. A number of travel experiences that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime
  4. 8. A strong desire to travel, also a 'cool' caption for holiday photographs
  5. 11. A hope or ambition of travelling and then getting likes and followers on online uploaded photos
  6. 12. A free, online photo-sharing application and social media platform where content is uploaded to declare accomplishments of checklist of popular culture
  1. 1. Tourists seek this 'traditional or in a way that faithfully resembles an original' experience while travelling through a new culture during a holiday
  2. 2. The look of intent that tourists place on local population when they participate in tourism, in the search for having an 'authentic' experience
  3. 4. A person who is travelling or visiting a place for pleasure, visual consumption and walks in a predefined path
  4. 5. The action of seeking approval or acceptance by imitating popular trends
  5. 9. A symbol used on social media platforms to identify with content of a specific popular trend
  6. 10. A change or development towards something new or different, often accelerated or popularised by social media