Indian Country

  1. 2. Snake Name of last Indian rebellion
  2. 4. Snake What northern tribes call the Keystone XL pipeline
  3. 6. Indian hostile western senator & chairman of Senate Indian Affairs committee
  4. 9. Federal policy of killing off Indian tribes
  5. 11. Initials of act governing welfare of Indian children
  6. 13. Name of first tribe U.S. negotiated a treaty
  7. 16. Rule S. Ct. fabricated rule that destroyed traditional Indian law
  8. 19. Most notorious anti-Indian S. Ct. justice
  9. 21. Initials of recent act conferring greater judicial authority upon tribal courts
  10. 22. Name of tribe whose members were allotted land but is considered non-federally recognized
  11. 24. Perce Name of last tribe with whom U.S. negotiated a treaty
  12. 25. The "number" of the so-called civilized tribes
  1. 1. Name of tribe almost entirely eradicated by small pox.
  2. 3. Name of infamous BIA Comm'r who launched anti-Indian policies in 1950
  3. 5. The Indian commissioner under FDR
  4. 7. State name of placed designated at the "Indian Territory"
  5. 8. Name of western reservation that was supposed to become an "Indian Territory"
  6. 10. Product of Dawes Act of 1887
  7. 11. Initials of act governing Indian gaming
  8. 12. U.S. policy of moving tribes great distances from homelands
  9. 14. Name of president who called BIA commissionership a "shitty little job"
  10. 15. First Indian tribe to file a claim in the former U.S. Ct. of Claims
  11. 17. The largest tribe in the U.S.
  12. 18. President who announced modern Indian self-determination policy
  13. 20. Name of senator who tried to cheat apaches out of land for personal benefit
  14. 23. Name of tribe that put heads on stakes to discourage intruders
  15. 26. Initials of Act curing "the wreckage of 100 years"