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Influential Ballet Choreographers (Last Names)

  1. 1. He was the first resident artist/choreographer with the New York City Ballet
  2. 5. Founded Ballet Russes
  3. 6. Known for his restaging of classical ballets for large companies
  4. 8. Explores the limitations of space and bodies, known for his work with NDT
  5. 10. Contemporary American choreographer who likes to deconstruct classical technique
  6. 13. Female choreographer known for her Ballet "Rodeo"
  1. 2. Choreographed the Ballet that started a Riot in Paris in 1913
  2. 3. The "Father of American Ballet"
  3. 4. Principal Choreographer with the Royal Ballet from 1977-1992
  4. 7. Choreographer of Giselle
  5. 8. A California based choreographer who creates his works through the manipulation of energy
  6. 9. Known for his work on Broadway as well as the ballet world
  7. 11. A Frenchman known for his work with the Imperial Ballet in the late 1800's
  8. 12. Youngest choreographer to be names New York City Ballet's Resident Choreographer