Medicinal plants

  1. 3. works to promote digestive health
  2. 4. is useful for relieving joint paint
  3. 9. whiskers benefits of cat whiskers treat gout
  4. 11. benefits of pomegranate for health relieve arthritis and joint Pain
  5. 13. benefits of Ginger boiled water, can overcome nausea maintain digesteve heald.
  6. 15. leaves are often used to relieve inflammation, upper respiratory tract infections, and comlaints related to the liver
  7. 17. useful for neutralizing toxins in the body
  8. 18. benefits of dlingo for health relieves inflammation and fever
  9. 20. fruits containts vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium which are useful for maintaining heart health
  1. 1. leaves are efficacious to alliviate the negative effects of stomach acid
  2. 2. benefits for health is to help lower blood pressure
  3. 5. of god belive to be used for the treatment of diseases such as diabetes, fever, hypertension and constipation
  4. 6. of god benefits for reducing the risk of cancer and tumors
  5. 7. benefits for health treat diarrhea to lose weight
  6. 8. benefits for health increase endurance. Turmeric contanints curcumin wich works to increase endurance
  7. 10. leaves benefits for the health is of your body provides nutrition for the body
  8. 12. benefits of temulawak for health prevent cancer
  9. 14. flowers the benefits of rosella flowers for health as a source of antioxidants for the body
  10. 16. Vera the benefits of aloe Vera for your health is overcoming dry skin
  11. 19. benefits to boots the immune syatem and natural moisturizer
  12. 21. is a herbal remed to help dissolve kidney and blader stones