1. 3. adding this mineral to water is to help protect teeth
  2. 5. apples, bananas, blueberries, are part of what food group
  3. 9. component of bones, along with phosphorus and magnesium
  4. 11. spinach, cauliflower, carrots are part of what food group
  5. 13. calcium plus vitamin D are the main nutrient in this food group
  6. 14. 4 calories per gram found in bread
  7. 15. eating more fruit, veggies, and whole grains and eating less processed meats can prevent this disease
  8. 17. spinach and red meat are good sources of ___
  9. 18. fish, meat, beans, legumes, chicken, turkey are a part of what food group
  10. 19. how many calories per gram are in protein
  1. 1. this spice mixture is commonly used in Indian cooking
  2. 2. most common cause of death in North America
  3. 4. known as the sunshine vitamin
  4. 6. those with high blood pressure are supposed to consume a diet low in ___
  5. 7. this vitamin is associated with vision
  6. 8. 9 calories per gram found in lipids
  7. 10. blood sugar levels are controlled with insulin in this disease
  8. 11. helps with the absorption for iron and the deficiency of this vitamin is called scurvy
  9. 12. component of the diet which you do not digest
  10. 16. vitamin A, E, and C are known as ___