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  1. 2. This is the type of carbohydrate to have less of in our diet
  2. 3. These are often thought of as being bad, but they are actually essential
  3. 8. This is not an essential food group, but can provide minerals, proteins but also some fats
  4. 9. This mineral helps us maintain strong bones and teeth
  5. 10. Builds and repairs cells& Tissues, also used to make hormones
  6. 12. That say this is the spice of life, and important have in our diet
  7. 13. What is our best source of energy
  8. 15. This is how fast our body can process the food we eat
  9. 18. Beans,Peas, Sprouts, Lentils, Nuts are all part of a group called ________
  10. 19. A lunch option that contains carbohydrates, proteins, Vitamins & Minerals
  11. 22. There are 6 of these Nutrients
  12. 23. It is important that we stay _________
  1. 1. A Fruit high in potassium
  2. 4. Attempt to eat this when consuming vegetables and fruit
  3. 5. Lean Red meat and Dark green leafy vegetables are the best source for this mineral
  4. 6. The name of this crossword
  5. 7. These are the best type of grains
  6. 11. A bad type of fat
  7. 14. This is not essential but is important for digestive help
  8. 16. Considered the most important meal of the day
  9. 17. Eventually everything we eat is turned into this, before we can use it as energy
  10. 20. This is 70-75% of your body
  11. 21. Carbohydrates are either Sugars or _______