1. 2. acids: "building blocks" of proteins
  2. 4. having nutrients usually vitamins and minerals added to a food to replace those lost during processing
  3. 8. carbs: simple sugars and refined complex carbs stripped of nutrients
  4. 10. protein: missing at least 1 amino acid
  5. 14. and polyunsaturated: they are good fats
  6. 15. a person who eats no meat
  7. 18. more than 10% over the weight that best suits your height and body frame
  8. 19. keeps weight off(feel fuller longer)
  9. 20. nutrients that assist many of the chemical reactions in the body
  1. 1. carbs: as close to natural state as possible and unrefined
  2. 3. a sugar the major carbohydrate in blood which is used by cells for energy
  3. 5. density: the proportion of nutrients in a food compared to the number of calories
  4. 6. provide energy (fuel) for the body
  5. 7. calories: solid fats or sugars
  6. 9. refraining from eating all or certain foods
  7. 11. and trans fats: they are bad fats
  8. 12. required by the body in small amounts
  9. 13. a process of replacing water in the body
  10. 16. measure of energy in food
  11. 17. nervosa: a life threatening eating disorder in which a person refuses to eat normally or to retain food in the body