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  1. 2. what is another name for fat
  2. 7. type of fiber found in fruit
  3. 8. the sum of caloric content in food digested
  4. 12. a complex sugar that is a basic source of energy for the body
  5. 13. take to get all nutrients needed directly from foods eaten
  6. 15. education tool that enables incorporating dietary guidelines into daily use
  7. 16. what does LBW stand for
  8. 17. what does DRV stand for
  9. 19. what does RDI stand for
  10. 22. combines with phosphate to form CP
  11. 23. material in food that resists digestion and adds bulk to the diet
  12. 24. severe loss of appetite
  13. 29. substances that provide nourishment
  14. 30. what kind of fat is better to eat, saturated or unsaturated
  15. 31. when trying to loss weight what kind of calories should you not eat
  1. 1. where is fat stored
  2. 3. what does FDR stand for
  3. 4. binging on large amounts of food followed by inappropriate behavior
  4. 5. what sugar is a carbohydrate broken down into
  5. 6. what should not be consumed before working out
  6. 9. a false sense of benefit felt by a patient caused by the psychological belief that a treatment is effective
  7. 10. a unit of heat
  8. 11. a substance made up of lipids of fatty acids that is a source of energy and is vital to growth and development
  9. 14. a disturbance in eating behavior
  10. 18. claim to enhance athletic performance
  11. 20. the total calories used for all activities over a given period of time
  12. 21. any of a class of complex nitrogenous, organic compounds that function as the primary building block for the body
  13. 25. the sum of all physical and chemical processes that take place in the body
  14. 26. of the 40 known nutrients how many are considered "leader nutrients
  15. 27. organic substances other than proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and organic salts that are essential in small quantities
  16. 28. promote growth of muscles and can make bones stronger and reduce body fat